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Zaab Zaab’s Isaan
Thai Specialties

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Zaab Zaab is the hottest new restaurant in the bustling Thai Town of Elmhurst, Queens. Come experience the true flavors of Thailand’s Northeastern Isaan region including our critically acclaimed duck dish, larb ped U-don, a specialty of U-don Thani, made from minced breast and charred galangal, mixed with fried liver and cracklin, roasted rice powder, fried lime leaves, and plenty of fresh roasted Thai chilies.

People eating delicious Asian food
Stir-fried spicy Korean blood sausage

Our other specialties include mieng pla pow, salt-crusted, charcoal roasted tilapia marinated in cumin, garlic, and white pepper stuffed with pandan leaves and lemongrass, and koy nuer, chopped raw beef with khao klua (hand-pounded roasted rice powder), chili, and fried lime leaves. Try our pla ra, or Isaan style fish sauce, to make our decidedly funky and authentically Isaan som tum. We use rare herbs like sadao and phe kaa, whose bitter notes complement Isaan cuisine’s pungent flavors.

When we say hot, we’re not just referring to our coverage from Eater New York, Gothamist, and Thrillist, but also Isaan cuisine’s signature chili heat. All of our dishes are served spicy, Isaan spicy, or Zaab Zaab for those who dare.